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Quarterly Financial Results  
Quarterly Financial Results     |     Segment Wise Revenue      |     Balance Sheet

Disclosure of Balance Sheet Items as required under Clause 41of the Listing Agreement is as under:

(Rs. in Lakhs)
Particulars STANDALONE
As at As at
31.09.2016 31.03.2016
(Audited) (Audited)
a) Share Capital 1,141.98 1,141.98
b) Reserves and Surplus 24,390.59 23,513.36
Sub-total- Shareholders' fund 25,532.57 24,655.34
2.Non Current Liabilities
a) Long Term Borrowings 4,076.84 4,017.40
b) Deferred Tax Liabilities (Net) 1,590.90 1,540.76
Sub-total Non-Current Liabilites 5,667.74 5,558.16
3.Current Liabilities
a) Short Term Borrowings 15,408.60 13,809.34
b) Trade Payable 10,562.22 10,329.57
c) Other Current Liabilities 5,326.37 4,737.89
d) Short Term Provision 282.05 396.15
Sub-total-Current Liabilites 31,579.24 29,272.95
TOTAL 62,779.55 59,486.45
1.Non Current Assets
a) Fixed Assets    
i) Tangible Assets 18,868.65 19,175.80
ii) Intangible Assets 19.22 30.06
iii) Capital Work in Progress 1,424.70 1,158.77
b) Non Current Investments 3,537.12 3,522.12
c) Long Term Loans and Advances 1,540.08 1,420.52
Sub-total Non-Current Assets 25,389.77 25,307.27
2.Current Assets
a) Inventories 17,748.79 17,623.06
b) Trade Receivables 13,711.02 11,382.25
c ) Cash and Bank Balances 3,515.70 2,956.95
d) Short Term Loans and Advances 1,889.59 1,477.13
e) Other Current Assets 524.68 739.79
Sub-total-Current Assets 37,389.78 34,179.18
Total 62,779.55 59,486.45
  For and on behalf of the BOARD
Date- 14.11.2016
Place - Unnao

(Mukhtarul Amin)                     
Chairman and Managing Director     
(DIN: 12108)                          
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