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Manufacturing Facilities
Finished Leather
Tannery No1   Tannery No2   Tannery No3
Tannery No4        
Menís Footwear
Footwear Division - I   Footwear Division - II   Footwear Division - III
Ladies Footwear
Ladies Footwear Division        
Childrenís Footwear
Childrenís Footwear Division        
Safety Footwear
Safety Footwear Divn - I   Safety Footwear Divn - II   Safety Footwear Divn - III
Leather Accessories
Accessories Factory No.1   Accessories Factory No.2    
Leather Garments
Leather Garment No.1        
Riding Products
Breeches Division   Riding Boot Division   Riding Product Division
Readymade Garment
Readymade Garment Division        
Safety Wear Division
Safety Wear Division        
Overseas Office