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About Us
Socks Division Established in the year 2015 with the vision of becoming the first Indian multinational socks brand. Being the most respected brand for its quality standards and the services attached to it. The only brand using imported patented technologies to provide the most hygiene based products to its consumers. Known as the manufacturer of most versatile and largest socks range producing company. We are also known as the most trusted vendor for some of the well known garment selling assents and large format stores all across the globe. A team of qualified and well trained marketing executive helps in reaching to every individual dealer for personalized services.

Our Operation
India has produced some of the best cotton in the world for the last century, and now with the latest spinning and dyeing machines having been installed in the country, India leads the world in production of combed and mercerized cotton yarns. This abundance of cotton, coupled with the availability of a skilled and productive labor force, makes India an ideal location for manufacture of socks. The Manufacturing plant is located in Unnao Industrial Area, 40 Fully Computerized Machines with Boarding & Rosso Machines We started production of socks in 2015, with and a production capacity of 10,000 dozens pairs per Month. Currently, our production capacity is 18,000 dozens per Month.

Manufacturing Facilities
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