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Quarterly Financial Results  
Quarterly Financial Results      |     Segment Wise Revenue

Segment wise Revenue, Results, Assets and Liabilities for the Quarter Ended on 30th June, 2017

(Rs. in Lacs)
Particulars Quarter ended
30.06.2017 30.06.2016
Unaudited Unaudited
1.Segment Revenue
a) Leather & Leather Products 11,995.08 12,833.64
b)Textile Products 2,351.21 2,736.43
Total Segment Revenue 14,346.29 15,570.07
Less: Inter segment revenue - -
Income from Operations 14,346.29 15,570.07
2.Segment Results
(Profit before finance cost and tax)    
a) Leather & Leather Products 849.36 1,034.86
b)Textile Products (4.35) 220.43
Total Profit before finance cost and tax 845.01 1,255.29
Less: Finance Cost 480.26 534.90
Profit Before Tax 364.75 720.39
3.Segment Assets    
a) Leather & Leather Products 49,764.17 55,144.35
b) Textile Products 9,810.01 9,523.28
Total 59,574.18 64,667.63
4.Segment Liabilities    
a) Leather & Leather Products 27,061.91 33,587.28
b) Textile Products 6,496.44 5,960.67
Total 33,558.35 39,547.95
1.The above un-audited financial results were reviewed by the Audit Committee and were taken on record and approved by the Board of Directors in their meeting held on 14.09.2017.
2.The Limited Review of the un-audited Financial Results for the quarter ended 30th June 2017, pursuant to Regulation 33 ( c ) ( i ) of SEBI (Listing Obligation and Disclousure Requirement) Regulation, 2015 have been carried out by the Statutory Auditors.
3.The Company adopted the Indian Accounting Statndard (Ind AS) effective from 01st April 2017 (transaction date 1st April 2016) and accordingly, the financial results for quarter ended 30th June 2016 have been re-stated to be Ind AS compliance and have not been subjected to limited review or audit. However the management has excercised necessary due diligence to ensure that Financial Results provide true and fair view of the Company's affairs.
4.Reconciliation of Net Profit for the quarter ended 30th June 2016 as reported earlier in accordance with, previous Indian GAAP and now being reported in accordance with Ind AS is as Under:-
Particulars (Rs. in Lacs)
Net Profit as per previous Indian GAAP 431.75
i) Reclassification of acturial loss and its related tax 16.17
ii) Deferred income as a result of subsidy received 7.51
i) Deferred tax created on Ind AS adjustments (5.73)
ii) Recalculation of Depreciation as a result of subsidy received (7.13)
Net Profit as per Ind AS 442.57
5.Figures of the previous period have been regrouped and rearranged wherever necessary to correspond with current period's classification/disclosure.
  For and on behalf of the BOARD
Date- 14.09.2017
Place- Unnao
(Mukhtarul Amin)
(Chairman and Managing Director)
DIN - 12108
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