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Quarterly Financial Results  
Quarterly Financial Results      |     Segment Wise Revenue

(B) Segment wise Revenue, Results & Capital Employed for the Quarter Ended, 30.06.2015

(Rs. in Lacs)
Name of Segment STANDALONE
Quarter Ended Year Ended
30.06.2015 31.03.2015 30.06.2014 31.03.2015
Unaudited Audited Unaudited Audited
1. Segment Revenue
a) Leather & Leather Products 12,259.66 13,764.90 14,576.63 58,536.96
b) Textile Products 2,401.36 2,931.67 2,762.44 11,761.88
c) Others - 1.59 114.22 363.08
Sales/Income from Operations 14,661.02 16,698.16 17,453.29 70,661.92
2. Segment Result Profit ( + ) / ( Loss ) ( - ) before tax and financial cost from each segment)
a) Leather & Leather Products 1,235.77 1,229.21 1,560.46 6,139.78
b) Textile Products 198.16 113.94 288.15 920.08
c) Others - (76.38) 9.58 (59.90)
Total 1,433.93 1,266.77


Less :        
(i) Financial Cost 474.29 445.57 528.25 1,929.19
(ii) Exchange difference on foreign currency loans 90.64 (99.64) 6.58 (22.35)
(iii) Un-allocable income/expense - - - -
Total Profit Before Tax 869.00 920.84 1,323.36 5,093.12
Capital Employed (Segment Assets-Segment Liabilities)
a) Leather & Leather Products 19,605.38 19,028.04 17,525.61 19,028.04
b) Textile Products 3,225.64 3,157.72 2,808.88 3,157.72
c) Others - 127.36 79.30 127.36
Total 22,831.02 22,313.12 20,413.79 22,313.12
Particulars Quarter ended 30thJune, 2015
Pending at the beginning of the quarter Nil
Received during the quarter 02
Disposed off during the quarter 02
Remaining unresolved at the end of the quarter Nil
1.The above results were reviewed by the Audit Committee and were taken on record by the Board of Directors in their meeting held on 14.08.2015.
2.The financial results are based on the accounts drawn in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices consistently followed in compliance with the mandatory accounting standards..
3.The Statutory Auditors have carried out a Limited Review of the above results.
4.The above results are also available on the website of the Company and the Mumbai Stock Exchange at 'www.superhouse.in" and 'www.bseindia.com" respectively.
5.The figures of the quarter ended 31.03.2015 are the balancing figures between the audited figures in respect of full financial year and the year to date figures upto third quarter of the financial year.
6.Figures of the previous period(s) have been regrouped and rearranged wherever necessary.
  For and on behalf of the BOARD
Date- 14.08.2015
Place- Unnao
Zafarul Amin     
Joint Managing Director
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